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One of the dreams of our founder, Paul Groves, was to build his own home. He was fortunate to not only have the opportunity to achieve this, but to also project manage the building of homes for some of his clients. Serviced lots were available for sale, so after choosing a lot and arranging finance, many clients approached PRG Interiors to help build their own homes. This included liaising with architects, local authorities and scheduling all tradesmen to construct the timber framed houses.


We understand the stresses of building work

As you can imagine, a self-build is probably one of the most stressful projects one could undertake. Having been through it on many occasions with the building of Paul's own home and that of many of our clients, we have a lot of empathy for clients embarking on such a, potentially, stressful project. From experience, we are able to help allay a client's fears, even when unforeseen problems (as they seldom do) occur, by being able to find solutions to unexpected problems and conducting ourselves in a professional and calm manner.


The ultimate Carpenter project

One example, was when a client dug the foundations for their new property to incorporate a basement, only to find, unexpectedly, the soil below the surface was found to be a completely different type to what was on the survey report. Concrete foundations had already been poured to suit a more alkali soil. To remove all the concrete area and re-pour would have been very costly. 


To help overcome this, potentially, expensive additional cost, we did some research and came up with a much cheaper, but just as effective solution to the problem. We managed to locate a supplier, able to supply us with a very thick waterproof membrane, used underground on skyscrapers, instead of the spray bitumen, usually, applied. Inspectors were confident this was a more than adequate barrier against the acidic soil that could have possibly attacked the concrete and confirmed this would extend the life expectancy of the house foundations, much more than required. Another upside was, the customer was able to continue building according to schedule.


During this project, we had a hands on approach during all the elements of the building being constructed, enabling our client to go to work without the worry and stress of minor problems holding up a tight schedule. We had the pleasure of providing all first and second fixing carpentry services throughout the house. We were also able to carry on with the open plan living theme of the new home.


Project pictures

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  • 4 Bedroom Home With Landscaping Completed
  • Custom Duplexes
  • Preparing For Roof Shingles
  • White Lacquered China Dislay Cabinets In A New Build
  • White Lacquered Fire Surround With Shelves In New Build
  • Kitchen Breakfast Area
  • Shell Completed Ready For Stucco And Driveway
  • 4 Bed Home With Basement


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" I wholeheartedly recommend PRG Interiors for any kind of bespoke carpentry work. They, and any other trades they introduced, were not only skilled and reliable, but also show initiative and creativity in finding solutions to pre-existing problems ".
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